Bear Sauce


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Recipe No. 1 (Original) is Bear Smoke's take on traditional BBQ sauce with a mix of Texas, Kansas City, Memphis and Eastern & Western Carolina barbecue style sauces all wrapped into one. All of their BBQ Sauces are hand crafted in small batches to ensure quality in every bottle.

Recipe No. 3 (Swine Sauce) is a Carolina vinegar-style BBQ sauce with a Bear twist. This sauce is Gluten Free and Vegan friendly as well.

Recipe No. 4 (Sticky Sweet) is a thicker version of the Original sweetened with molasses and pure clover honey. This BBQ sauce can also be used as a barbecue glaze and is perfect for slathering on ribs and chicken. 

Recipe No. 5 (South Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce) is a perfect combination of sweet, savory and a hint of earthiness that makes this sauce so unique. When German immigrants arrived in the southern states at the end of the 18th century, they brought the mustard. Germans love the combination of mustard and pork and in the Carolinas, barbecue means pulled pork. Slowly, mustard was integrated as an ingredient in the sauces served with barbecue produced in this region. There's a reason it's referred to as 'Gold Sauce' down there!