Lolly's Handcrafted Marshmallows


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Lolly's is a family-run business operating in the South Cariboo area of British Columbia. Marshmallows stay fresh & fluffy for up to 3 months in their resealable packaging. Melt into a warm drink, roast over a fire or sneak right out of the bag!

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S'mores: The ultimate campfire treat already assembled and in one easy bite! Vanilla flavoured marshmallow, lightly toasted, swirled with chocolate, and coated with graham cracker crumbs!

Cookies 'N Cream: Vanilla flavoured marshmallows mixed with an Oreo cookie crumb filling, topped with more crushed Oreo cookies.

Cotton Candy: These fun-filled marshmallows are flavoured with the sweetest taste of cotton candy and swirled with whimsical colours.

Orange Creamsicle: The sweet, citrusy combination of orange and vanilla brings back memories of chasing ice cream trucks. Melt some dark chocolate on these to make a super indulgent treat!

Mint Chip: Flavoured with pure mint extract, swirled with chocolate chips and topped with even MORE chocolate!

London Fog: A latte favourite in one bite! Softly flavoured with Lady Grey Tea with a hint of french vanilla, these marshmallows are sure to be your cup of tea!

Coconut Cream Pie: Inspired by the iconic dessert, these marshmallows are coconut flavoured, topped with toasted coconut and just as dreamy and airy as the pie.