TravelQ PRO 285X


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Napoleon's TravelQ™ PRO285 can grill up to 20 hamburgers at once on the 285 sq. inches of cooking area. The stylish all-black finish with chrome details will match any outdoor decor and its cast aluminum, high-topped lid design lets you take portable grilling to a gourmet level. Roast whole chickens or turkeys, pork and even prime rib - this little grill can do it all. With the dual stainless steel burners you have precise control over cooking temperature, just like on Napoleon's full sized grills. High heat searing is a snap and you'll know it's a Napoleon with the iconic WAVE™ cooking grids for those distinctive sear marks. This grill has everything you need for perfect portable grilling anywhere: the nimble cart features all-terrain wheels, easy folding & setup, compact storage and propane tank straps. This grill is perfect for any adventure!


  • The TravelQ PRO allows you to bring professional grilling anywhere
  • Ideal for tailgating, camping and even barbecuing in smaller spaces
  • Napoleon’s iconic cast iron cooking grids provide even heat, prevent food from falling through and create beautifully distinctive sear marks
  • Two separate burners provide precise temperature control so that you can do anything from gentle roasting and smoking using indirect heat to high heat searing
  • The cast aluminum lid is built high enough for roasts, whole chickens and even a holiday turkey
  • The windproof design prevents the weather from effecting your cook
  • The unique ‘X’ design of the cart provides incredible stability on most surfaces
  • Sets up in seconds with a smooth motion and folds down to store
  • Very compact when folded; it can be tucked away, stood upright in a corner with its convenient kick stand or even hang up for the easiest grill storage ever