00 Pizza & Foccacia Flour


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The "00" flour has a beautiful white colour. The "00" indicates that it is the purest and whitest flour available on the market. Finely sifted, it has an aspect and texture that evokes lightness. This product will be your best asset in making a successful pizza dough. Once baked, the crust will be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

  • Perfect for making pizzas and focaccia
  • Dough requires only 90 minutes to rise but can be prepared the day before
  • Gluten contained in this flour gives the dough great elasticity, which is essential if the dough is to be rolled out correctly
  • Grains are selected from a highly controlled supply chain and then cleaned in two steps: dry-cleaning to remove all impurities and the wheat is washed with water - the mill where Favuzzi "00" flour comes from is the last in Italy to use this traditional method of water washing, which allows all impurities to be removed and softens the grains to make them easier to grind
  • Produced in Gragnano Trebbiense, Emilia-Romagna, Italy