Campfire Crackle


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Anyone lucky enough to take in our local farmer’s market may have met our friend, Vicki, who is the creator of The Little Wood Chipper. We love everything about her fire starters (we’re never using paper to light a fire again) and are super excited about Campfire Crackles!

This campfire in a can (2 sizes) is ideal for campers, hikers and anyone wanting to make a small fire on the go:

• 100% natural
• Made of soy wax wood shavings & ground pinecones
• Burn time (approx.): 4oz. x 1hr / 8oz. x 3hrs
• Perfect for adding a touch of warm ambiance to any outdoor setting
• Cooks everything from s’mores, popcorn, charcuterie and more!
• Keep with your emergency kit (car, snowmobile, etc.) just in case

Place Campfire Crackle on a hard solid surface that is nonflammable. Light the wick or wood shavings and in about 25 minutes you’ll have a full flame that can be extinguished and reused as needed.

To extinguish the flame, carefully slide the lid back onto the top of the can and store once cooled. To reuse, scrape off the burned shavings at the top of the can, re-fluff and light.

Caution: Very flammable & for outdoor use only. Use on a hard nonflammable, fire-resistant surface and do not leave unattended. Keep product away from children and pets.