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Cannabis is an unexpected addition to the Farmer's Son Co. range. Think more clean and woodsy vs. the time your cousin hot-boxed his Mazda back in college. A sophisticated blend of cannabis flower blossom, tonka, charcoal and red cedar come together to create a scent that’s truly special.

Each of these limited edition pieces has been hand blown exclusively for Farmer’s Son Co. in Tonola, Mexico using glass bottles that have been rescued from local garbage dumps by workers who are paid a fair wage; thus encouraging both growth of the local economy and sustainability of existing resources. Each piece is truly unique and one of a kind. Once you’re finished enjoying your candle, the vessel can enjoy a third life in your home as a piece of barware, a juice tumbler, a bud vase or more!

This is the perfect scent for those rainy spring nights, that first weekend opening up the cabin, or those date nights with that special someone. Please note that this candle does not contain cannabis oil.

  • Pure soy wax
  • Fine fragrance oil
  • Cotton core wick
  • 9.25oz. recycled glass tumbler
  • 55 to 60 hours of burn time