Dirty Gourmet - Food for Your Outdoor Adventures


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Aimee, Emily & Mai-yan are three women who came together after a bike tour across Canada and years of camp life to rethink food in the outdoors. They believe that food should be as much a part of the experience as the activities, location, and five star views. The Dirty Gourmet represents their friendship and showcases how approachable and diverse food can be on any outdoor adventure you plan to take.

"We loved having an excuse to camp even more than we already do, and many of our favorite locations are highlighted in our photographs throughout the books. The final recipes were those that we found ourselves wanting to make again and again. They feature elegant combinations of flavors that represent our diverse collection of backgrounds, yet are simple to pull off in an outdoor kitchen. The recipes are categorized first, by type of outdoor adventure, and then by meal. We hope this book can be a true companion to you as you plan all of your future trips, and can guide you to come up with your own ingenious adaptations that allow you to make food a glorious and personal part of your experiences from now on."