Pinecone Fire Starters


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From a spontaneous bonfire to a full summer around the pit, The Little Woodchipper makes it easy to light up (especially great for those not so savvy with building an outdoor fire). Grab a 4 or 6-pack for the weekend or a 12-pack to last all summer! The beautiful & rustic fire starter bouquets make a perfect gift.

Instructions: Place fire starter flat on the ground (on a log is even better) or in fireplace, surround with kindling, light the wood chips on top of the starter and it will burn up to 20 minutes to get your fire going.

Ingredients: paraffin wax, wood chips, plant based materials

CAUTION: Pinecone fire starters are not candles. DO NOT burn outside of a fireplace or pit. DO NOT use to start grills that are used for food preparation. Product is flammable, do not leave unattended during use. Keep out of reach of children. Please adhere to all burn bans posted in your area.