Himalayan Salt BBQ & Cooking Tile


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Cooking & flavouring food with Himalayan salt has become increasingly popular due to its health benefits and complex taste. These tiles can be used to cook or serve food (hot or cold) and add an interesting visual element to any meal. 

These tiles can reach temperatures up to 500F and higher after being slowly heated up on a grill or cooktop, which makes them perfect for cooking seafood, meat and veggies. Moisture in the food will dissolve some of the salt, which creates a delicately balanced flavour that is more evenly distributed than sprinkled salt crystals added to food.

There are many ways to use Himalayan Salt Tiles:

  • Make deliciously grilled vegetables. The salt tile perfectly seasons vegetables and high heat creates a delicious flavour. 
  • Add flavour to baking. Himalayan Salt Tiles can be used creatively for baking as it gives a delicious mild salt flavour to baked cookies and snacks.

  • Keeping foods cold. A thick Himalayan salt tile will also stay cold for hours. This makes it perfect for serving cold foods such as fruit, salmon, cheese and charcuterie spreads.

  • Make amazing seafood. Salt tiles don't just make great steaks, they also make amazing seafood! Use salt tiles to marinade and/or cook fish, scallops, or shrimp.

  • Adds a gourmet touch to food service. These salt tiles make beautiful serving platters and conversation pieces as they add a delicious flavour to food even at room temperature. Serve chocolate and strawberries or cover with cured meats and cheeses.